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Thumbnails Still In WordPress

(follow-up to my previous post) And in other news, I jump to conclusions too quickly. WordPress does not generate thumbnails for lage images – I’ve heard both 1M and 3M quoted. There is a disussion on the support forums here. For large files I’ll have to run ImageMagick manually. What would be nice is for […]

Thumbnails Removed From WordPress?

While uploading photos, I noticed that the “thumbnail” option seems to have been removed from the latest version (2.3.2 at time of writing) of WordPress. Uploading images no longer generates thumbnails either. A few quick Google searches were not much help, except that a few people with blogs on saw it had been removed […]

Malware Woes: procsystem.exe

So I was being plagued by ZoneAlarm alerts for outbound DNS requests by an unknown process on a laptop. The offending process was procsystem.exe. A quick Google search didn’t reveal much, other than a few malware-related results. Some of them looked pretty nasty, but since there was only once process running in this case, it […]