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New Stuff: Gallery2

I’ve got a new toy of sorts – I installed Gallery2 on my server and I’m going to play with it to see how it works. First impressions seem to point towards it being pretty cool. I’ll give you a taste of one of the early images uploaded: 29 This is from Kenny – a […]

eBay – like a drug…

I have become addicated to eBay again. It happened before I left for the summer and only recently has it kciked back in. It is just so much fun – bidding on random crap you don’t really want, only to NOT get outbid just before it ends, and bidding on stuff you do want, only […]

Long awaited return post!

I have been away for a wee while down in the London trying to get some work experience and generally not doing any work at all. I returned a few weeks ago, but have been busy wasting time so haven’t gotten round to posting here. It seems the quality of posting dropped dramatically in my […]