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New Stuff: Gallery2

I’ve got a new toy of sorts – I installed Gallery2 on my server and I’m going to play with it to see how it works. First impressions seem to point towards it being pretty cool. I’ll give you a taste of one of the early images uploaded:


This is from Kenny – a demonstration of the Incinerate plasmid in Bioshock. Bioshock is a pretty cool thing too, but you’ll need to wait for my review.

Edit: Link to the gallery isn’t working properly at the moment, but you can find it at

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eBay – like a drug…

I have become addicated to eBay again. It happened before I left for the summer and only recently has it kciked back in. It is just so much fun – bidding on random crap you don’t really want, only to NOT get outbid just before it ends, and bidding on stuff you do want, only to be outbid seconds before the end. The only thing that stopped be buying stuff recently was a scare as I noticed my distinct lack of funds…but I found an eBay related solution – to sell some random crap! When I actually went through my stuff thinking – “do I want to sell this on eBay” – I actually came out with 79 items to create listings, take photos and list. And it has been done and it isn’t going too badly. 22 items selling at a total of £88.22 at time of press. And yes, this entire post has been for me to do a shameless plug. Feel free to have a look through my items and see if anything interests you!

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Long awaited return post!

I have been away for a wee while down in the London trying to get some work experience and generally not doing any work at all. I returned a few weeks ago, but have been busy wasting time so haven’t gotten round to posting here. It seems the quality of posting dropped dramatically in my abscence so I am here to restore some order. I thought that I would start by going on a bit of a spiel about all the games coming out before the end of the year and tell you why they look promising. I have an awesome plan for another post, but I need to pace myself. So, get ready for a (not so) quick rundown of (in my opinion) the games to look out for this year.