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Spam Begone Update

Three months ago I installed Spam Karma 2 from dr Dave to deal with all the spam comments I was getting. As I commented then, the blog was being inundated with hundreds of spams, so much so that legitimate comments were being buried. In fact, when I recently wrote again on this matter, there had been 262 spam runs, for a total 5 406 of spam comments. There have now been a total of 1350 spam runs – about five times more. SK2 has let none of the thousands of spam comments through, has flagged up the valid ones, and I’m will continue to do a sterling job in the future.

Thanks again to dr Dave

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Stretch Your Mind: Planarity


“Arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap”

Planarity is a game that is simple in concept, but will have your visual processing areas tying themselves in knots. All you have to do is rearrange a bunch of vertices so that none overlap (creating a planar graph). It starts off simple but gets complex very quickly.

Edit: Duh. Forgot to include a link in the original post.

Wasn’t too many levels before I was hopelessly tangled…

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300: The Film, The Workout

So I saw the film 300 yesterday. It’s a pretty entertaining film; I’ve always had a predilection for ancient Greek and Roman history – especially Sparta, Lacedaemonia, and the Pelopennesian Peninsula. Of course, people tended to snort derisively whenever I mentioned this, but when they see this film I’m sure their tone will change. If you want to see a film with a good bit of action and reasonable attempt at a plot, I’d heartily recommend it.

Now for the workout. Looking like the actors in 300 do (see below) takes a serious workout, and a buttload of determination to boot.

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Mosaic Generator

Okay, we’ve all seen those big posters in tourist-y shops of well known images (Millennium Falcon, Steve McQueen, some jam…) that are – on closer inspection – made up of lots of mini-images in a mosaic-esque effect. If the artist is really clever, they will use related images to build up the bigger image; in the Millennium Falcon example, they used scenes from Star Wars. I think you get the idea.

Well now you can reproduce the hard work and hours of effort by simply using a slightly AJAXified website. You supply the image file (it supports PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG files) and it will produce an image concatenated together from a bunch of Flickr photos. Being the curious sort, I naturally tried it out – the resulting images are quite impressive.