In case you didn’t know, Crysis is to be the next game from Far Cry developers Crytek – using their new CryEngine2. Far Cry pushed the boundaries of what PCs were capable of when it was first released, and also managed to pack in a brilliant and open ended single player campaign as well as a (admittedly a bit uninspired) multiplayer system. Crysis looks like it will be doing the same thing again.

I while back I posted some screens from the new engine while it was still being developed – now with the game slated for release in just a few months, there is a plethora of screenshots and videos out there to see – unforunately far too much to post here, so I will just post some links to get you started. First we have the site which seems to bring a lot of the stuff to the masses very quickly, InCrysis. Having a quick look through the screenshots on that page will give you a good indication of the sort of game this is going to be!

Then there are videos. I have probably watched about 10 or 20 “different” Crysis videos, but a lot of them contain very similar content, just some have a slightly extended sequence compared to others. Again, I recommend the download section on that site as it contains nearly all the Crysis videos released. I recommend the Game Trailers Demonstration Footage mainly as it shows off a lot of the different things in the game. From elsewhere, these newly released videos I found on Total Crysis also show off the game very well.

And to give you a taste, here are some comparisons from real life locations and in game:

Real Life:

In Game

Real Life
In Game


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