Steam updates

There have been a couple of updates to the steam programs, both of which look promising.

The first is to do the the Source SDK, and it looks like it fixes a lot of the bugs and crashes that many mod makers were experiencing, so hopefully more mods will come out faster!

New SDK Features

  • High Dynamic Range lighting now supported in the tools
  • Day of Defeat: Source support now included
  • New Hammer Editor features:
    • VGUI Model browser with real-time 3D view
    • Map autosave/backup
    • Model and displacement rendering in 2D views
    • Many other small improvements and bug fixes

Head over to the Valve Developers wiki for more info.

The next update concerns Counter Strike Source mainly, the new map cs_militia has been released!

New Map

  • Added cs_militia with High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting

Counter-Strike: Source

  • Fixed player name crash exploit
  • Fixed rare visibility issue near portals such as doorways and windows
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in doors becoming stuck closed
  • Fixed animation issue with shotgun reloads interrupting fire animations
  • Fixed bug where footsteps sometimes sounded for crouched players on stairs or slopes (they no longer do)
    Fixed buy menu locking up if keypad Enter is bound to “buymenu”
  • Detail props sway in the breeze now
  • Underwater observers no longer play drowning damage sounds

Hostage changes

  • Hostages can open doors and step up onto ledges/stairs now
  • Hostages and Bots obey NAV_MESH_NO_HOSTAGES

Source Engine

  • Added FCVAR_CHEAT to some cvars in the materials system

Do the usual – restart Steam – to get these updates.

One Reply to “Steam updates”

  1. My impressions of militia: seems [in theory] just as fun to play as the original, but I’d have to play with some humans to test that. The HDR is very impressive — well implemented, but not entirely perfect. The framerate appears to be lower for most people on it, but it is fine with me, even with HDR.

    Hopefully the SDK update will allow work to continue on Sven Coop II !

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