There have been a couple of updates to the steam programs, both of which look promising.

The first is to do the the Source SDK, and it looks like it fixes a lot of the bugs and crashes that many mod makers were experiencing, so hopefully more mods will come out faster!

New SDK Features

  • High Dynamic Range lighting now supported in the tools
  • Day of Defeat: Source support now included
  • New Hammer Editor features:
    • VGUI Model browser with real-time 3D view
    • Map autosave/backup
    • Model and displacement rendering in 2D views
    • Many other small improvements and bug fixes

Head over to the Valve Developers wiki for more info.

The next update concerns Counter Strike Source mainly, the new map cs_militia has been released!

New Map

  • Added cs_militia with High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting

Counter-Strike: Source

  • Fixed player name crash exploit
  • Fixed rare visibility issue near portals such as doorways and windows
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in doors becoming stuck closed
  • Fixed animation issue with shotgun reloads interrupting fire animations
  • Fixed bug where footsteps sometimes sounded for crouched players on stairs or slopes (they no longer do)
    Fixed buy menu locking up if keypad Enter is bound to “buymenu”
  • Detail props sway in the breeze now
  • Underwater observers no longer play drowning damage sounds

Hostage changes

  • Hostages can open doors and step up onto ledges/stairs now
  • Hostages and Bots obey NAV_MESH_NO_HOSTAGES

Source Engine

  • Added FCVAR_CHEAT to some cvars in the materials system

Do the usual – restart Steam – to get these updates.