Battlefield 2 Booster packs and patch update

Breaking News! EA have issued quite a lot of information about the so called “Booster packs” and the new 1.2 patch. Most of it looks very promising, especially some of the patch fixes. The Booster packs also look like they are going to add a lot of cool stuff to the game.

Here it is, straight from the horses mouth:

Today we have some big announcements that we’re excited to share with you! First of all, news about 2 new booster packs that will expand the battlefields of Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Euro Force and Battlefield 2: Armored Fury. Euro Force will be released on February 8th and sees the introduction of the all-new European Army in 3 new maps. Each Euro soldier will come equipped with a new primary weapon, from the FNP90 to the Benelli Tactical Shotgun. There will also be 4 new vehicles, including the (in)famous Eurofighter. The 3 maps are “Operation Smoke Screen”, “The Great Wall of China” and “Taraba Quarry”.

Armored Fury will be released on March 28th and the focus is on large mechanized battles, harking back to the El Alamein style maps on BF1942. There will be 3 new maps – “Midnight Sun”, “Operation Harvest” and “Operation Road Rage” – but also 2 new vehicle classes. Attack Jets and Recon Helicopters, which can spot nearby enemy units, will make their debut.

Both packs will be available exclusively online at at $9.99 each (€9.99 in Europe and £5.99 in the UK).

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Half Life 2: Aftermath

Some of you may have heard of this, the expansion to one of the best games of all time. Well, we now have a date :o.

We’re currently targeting April 24th for the release of both Aftermath and Platinum. Platinum will include HL2, HL2 DM, CS: Source, DoD: Source, and Aftermath.

Because of this special occasion, I have uploaded some screenshots and you shall bask in the wonderfullness that is – More Half Life 2! (screenies after the jump)

I have also just uploaded the teaser trailer for your enjoyment, right click the link, and choose “Save target as…”.

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Microsoft releases more propaganda; some surprised

The folks at Microsoft’s “Linux and Open Source Lab” have done a ‘study‘ (and I use the term as loosely as possible here) to “dispel the myth that Linux will run on legacy hardware”. They claim their sudy shows more or less that Windows runs as well as Linux on legacy hardware. Interesting. Continue reading “Microsoft releases more propaganda; some surprised”

CES 2006

Continuing the previous posts line of though, I decided to make it offical, and post some of my favourite things from the CES 2006.

Got your own favourite new product? Or heard of soemthing wacky? Post a comment and it might get added to The List.