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BF2, BF2, BF2…another update ;)

Just to keep you informed, the patch sticky post on the Battlefield 2 forums on the EA site, has been updated with some more info. As I pretty much expected, there is some last minute news to pass along. There’s some good and some not so good news but, hopefully, the good outweighs the not […]

For Sale: One BF2 Account, Slightly Used, One Previous pwnz0r

Now, before you all start thinking this is turning into a BF2 blog, I have to say that the next patch is rumoured to have a release date as early as Febuary 1st (or at least sometime soon), so the news for it has been coming thick and fast. Anyway, to the topic at hand… […]

BF2 Exploits Now On Google Video

Information for the masses is what Google provides. Or at least a way of searching through it. Now we have them to thank for sharing this info with us: tank exploits 🙁 The video shows enough for a BF2 player to recognize an exploiter, so hopefully this will clue up some clueless admins and give […]

MPAA admits to unauthorized movie copying

A story like this HAS to be mentioned…

Quick CSS/BF2 update

These combined updates will probably happen more and more often, and will contain general little news items about several games…in this case Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2.

Cry Engine 2 and Crysis

Far Cry was, and still is, one of the best looking games to date. The huge outdoor environments and detailed murky indoor ones, set the mood fantasticly well, and made the experience great fun! An now, Crytek has come up with their next project, the Cry Engine 2, and the game to show it off […]

Steam updates

There have been a couple of updates to the steam programs, both of which look promising. The first is to do the the Source SDK, and it looks like it fixes a lot of the bugs and crashes that many mod makers were experiencing, so hopefully more mods will come out faster!

Yet another BF2 update!

This is another quick update from the BF2 community pages about the recent patch/booster pack. See the other posts for a compelte list of what has been changed, but here are a few more things: Here’s a list of additional items to look for in version 1.2: UAVs are now visible in the world so […]

2 videos released for Battlefield 1.2 patch

Well, it seems we have more proof that the changes to Battlefield 2 in the 1.2 are for real, and that UAVs can (unfortunately) be shot down. Videos released from PlanetBattlefield and show the UAV (and other features) in action. Edit: Kenny found us some video footage of the new unlocks in action Edit […]

SiteAdvisor samples nearly 150,000 downloads for malware

The good folks at SiteAdvisor have put in a good bit of work in checking 140,000 downloads from over a million sites to find and rate the “best of the worst” sites and downloads when it comes to adware.